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Operating under the Enactus Simon Fraser University umbrella,
Hunger Actions is a student run program that aims to empower low income and at risk families to live a healthy lifestyle while being on a tight budget.



  • “We didn’t have any savings until we you showed us the budgeting and all that [meal planning & pantry essentials]. So it came into effect so we were able to save about $500 in the past few weeks and that is able to stay in the savings.”


  • “I would recommend Hunger Actions especially to my friends who have kids so that they can learn to cook easily and quickly and healthy [meals].”


  • “It’s been fun to get to learn about meal planning and money saving tips. I look forward to being able to use some of these skills, buying healthy food, saving money with my family in the future, and I look forward to some home-cooked meals with them.”