How To Be A Smart Shopper

There are many ways to be a smart shopper. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you are shopping!

  1. Have a plan. It is very important to plan your grocery list and know what you are planning to buy. You can either write your grocery list on paper, or have it typed on your phone; anything that is pocket sized so it is convenient to carry around. Planning your list will help to avoid impulse buys, buying too much, buying too little, buying things you already have, and not forgetting to buy things you have run out of.
  2. Compare the prices. If you going through different supermarkets, keep in mind the prices of the items you are going to buy. Some ingredients will be cheaper in different supermarkets. Try looking through flyers in the mail or on stores’ websites in order to find the best price and compare easily.
  3. Look at Unit Price. When you are buying in bundles, it is great to know what one unit costs. For example, diapers! Take the Total Price and divide that by the Quantity; that way you can get an idea of how much one unit costs.
  4. Buy Sale Items. Once in a while, supermarkets will have huge deals because they are either coming close to an expiry date, or it is just a huge promotion. Normally, sale items will be printed on a red piece of paper that screams “On Sale!” But be careful! Sometimes, items that are on sale do not always mean that they are a good deal (or are good for you)! Therefore it is important to keep track of the sales stores are having, keeping in mind what you truly need. 
  5. Keep your Receipts. This will allow you to track down your expenses. Also, it will give an idea on how much you are spending on groceries every week. Knowing the total amount you spend can help to create a budget for yourself, and hopefully stick to that! Click here for a budgeting template.

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