The Benefits Of Meal Planning

When it comes to saving money and eating healthy, meal planning is the best option to achieve both these goals. Listed below are the benefits of meal planning!

1) Saves Money

  • With all your meals planned out, you will only need to make one trip to the store – this will save you gas and reduce your chances of impulse buying!
  • Take advantage of in-season and sales at grocery stores!
  • Avoids duplicate purchases – you will already know what you have at home!
  • Reduce your urge to order take-out/go out

2) Eating Healthier

  • You know what you are putting in your body by planning your meal!
  • What can be healthier than home-cooked meals with fresh and nutritious ingredients?

3) Saves Time

  • It may take over 30 minutes the first time you attempt, but as you implement meal planning, you will be able to do it in less than 3o minutes
  • You will have a shopping list – you can quickly go to grocery store and get what you need
  • You will spend time preparing and cooking instead of wasting time thinking of what to cook!

4) Reduces Food Waste

  • As we all know, food not consumed with shelf-life = spoilage
  • With meal planning, you will check what you have at home so you won’t be making duplicate purchases
  • You can also plan a day in your meal plan to eat left-overs!

5) Reduces Your Stress

  • No more standing in front of the open fridge not knowing what to cook!
  • No more rushing to the grocery store for missed ingredients!
  • You will have a plan on what you are cooking for that day and it will all be available for you at home!

6) Improves Family Relationships

  • Plan your meals around food the family enjoys eating
  • With their favourite food at the table, family members will enjoy dinner and can have conversations!

7) Creates Variety

  • Keep track of a master list – you can use this list to create variety for your meal planning
  • Once in a while, try out new recipes!

Fun activity to try with the kids: write out meals on flash cards, creating a deck. When you’re planning your week’s meals, ask the kids to shuffle the deck and pick ones at random so they feel like they have some input in decisions.


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