2015 Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

For Valentine’s Day this year, Hunger Actions has compiled together a dinner menu with a number of nutritious and cost-effective recipes.

Appetizer – Turkey-bacon Wrapped Avocados

There are a number of nutritional considerations that we’d like to mention about our recipes. Our appetizer is rich in protein and healthyBacon-Wrapped-Avocado-Bites-one (1) fats. By substituting regular bacon with turkey-bacon, you get a delicious alternative that is lower in sodium and fats. (Note that even though it is healthier than regular bacon, it is still processed meat that should be consumed in moderation!) Avocado is packed with nutrients, and high in healthy fats, which provide energy for the body to function.

Main – Whole-Wheat Rigatoni with Greens

For our main course, we chose whole wheat pasta over white pasta. Although it may not seem to make that much of a difference, whole-wheat pasta Whole-Wheat-Pasta_2_RS_featuredcontains a significantly higher amount of fiber and nutrients than regular refined wheat pasta. It also has fewer calories and provides more protein with each serving.

Dessert – Cinnamon Apple Pie

On Valentine’s Day, we understand how much everyone wants a sweet dessert to complement the romantic occasion, which is why we picked cinnamon apple pie! With only 190 calories in each slice, this recipe has a 50 percent reduction in calories compared to the average apple pie recipe. It also opts out of using butter, sugar, lard, white flour, and corn syrup.tumblr_mdg4wsRrEb1qgeygd By using apples in this delicious dessert, you are also consuming vitamin C, vitamin B and fiber.

Hunger Actions hopes you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! We will be posting another blog post next Friday so be sure to take a look.


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