3 Healthy & Fun Easter Recipes

Happy Easter Long Weekend 🙂
Leave the chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs in the basket, and instead celebrate this holiday with the 3 healthy and fun Easter recipes that we found!

carrot chipsCarrot Chips
Substitute your cravings for salted potato chips with a healthier alternative – carrot chips! Not only will these carrot chips give you healthy dose of vitamins A and C and fiber, they can also help reduce the risk of cancer!


carrot cake muffinCarrot Cake Muffins
Indulge yourself with cake in a much healthier form! This carrot cake muffin is not only rich and sweet, but it is also packed with amazing flavours of spices, fruit, and of course carrots!



easter popsiclesEaster Egg Breakfast Popsicle
Skip the traditional Chocolate Easter Eggs and try out this healthier Easter treat instead! You can still stay seasonal with the shape, but treat yourself with a healthier alternative, yogurt.


We hope you enjoy these 3 healthy and fun recipes!

Written by Annie Lo, Marketing Manager of Hunger Actions


A Healthy Easter Holiday

Happy Easter, everyone! Easter is the time of the year where most of us binge on chocolate goodies. Of course, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a couple chocolates eggs here and there, however there are definitely some better alternatives! To enjoy a guilt-free and healthy holiday, take a look at the nutritious substitutes that you can make for your family in lieu of the usual Easter sweets!

Chocolate Covered Fruits: 4ub09fWith chocolate covered fruits you can still satisfy your sweet tooth, but with the additional help of the natural sweetness found in fruits! Simply dip whole strawberries, grapes or banana slices in melted chocolate and refrigerate them until the chocolate becomes firm.

Click here for a chocolate covered strawberries recipe

Carrots: Carrots may not exactly be a sweet, but when you tell your kids that the Easter bunny loves carrots they will definitely want to have more! Carrots contain vitamins A and K and are are an excellent source of fiber. They also improve eye vision. To add more flavour, you can dip your carrots into hummus.

LateMarch2013-2 Peanut Butter Eggs: What is Easter without Easter eggs? Although store bought chocolate Easter eggs are usually the tradition in the average household, they contain unhealthy ingredients. An alternative to this is peanut butter eggs! This treat will provide you and your family with fiber, iron as well as Vitamin E.

Click here for a peanut butter eggs recipe

Dark Chocolate: Just can’t stay away from chocolate this Easter? That’s alright! You can always choose a healthier chocolate bar such as dark chocolate! Instead of buying bunny and egg shaped treats that are loaded with syrups and sugars, dark chocolate is composed of 70% more cacao than the former! Made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans, this alternative can help reduce blood pressure and the risk of strokes.

Rice-Krispie-Treat-Easter-Bunnies3Rice Crispy Bunnies: Made with whole grain rice cereal, honey, low fat margarine and organic peanut butter, rice crispy bunnies can be made at home and decorated with colourful sugar-free jelly beans as an extra treat. A great activity as well as a great substitute for chocolate goodies!

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With all these healthy alternatives for Easter treats, you can now eat away without having to worry about any negative health effects! The Hunger Actions team would like to wish you and your family a happy long Easter weekend filled with lots of nutritious and delicious food!