Workshop Information


Our curriculum contains a 4 week workshop series that can be flexible towards the groups availability and needs. The workshops consists of 4 main lessons:

  • Financial Literacy: We will focus on budgeting and consumerism to instill good financial habits to ease your transition into a healthy lifestyle. By learning the do’s and don’ts of budgeting, you will understand the importance of budgeting, how to track, save, and cut down on costs, and also how to be an aware and informed consumer!
  • Food Preparation: Learn how to keep cost at a minimum but also increase the amount of food on your plate. In our workshop, we will discuss and teach practical tips of smart grocery shopping practices, time management, and meal planning. In addition, we will also demonstrate essential kitchen skills in cooking more effectively and making the most out of your ingredients!
  • Nutrition Knowledge: Understanding what your body needs and how to eat nutritiously is the first step to living a healthy lifestyle. Over the course of our 4 week workshops, we will highlight organic food choices, what to look for in food labels, and other important nutritional knowledge. We will also show you how to cook various meals that are packed with nutrients and taste – perfect for your family to enjoy!
  • Meal Planning: With all the easy go-to options given in stores today, it can be hard to make time to cook nutritious meals at home. However, planning ahead for meals will not only save you time and energy, but it can also help minimize your costs!


The main focus of these workshops are to show parents practical methods of healthy living.
For example, some questions these workshops may answer are:

  • If you only had 15 minutes to cook a healthy meal before you had to leave for work/take your kids to school, how would you do so?

  • What kind of things do I look for/avoid in a label?

  • How do you eat healthy when organic foods, etc. are so expensive?

Hunger Actions aims to make all workshops interactive and engaging for all participants so that parents can learn, while having a good time. Through activities, handouts and discussions, participants are given the opportunity to personally apply the knowledge and skills they learn hands on. Hunger Actions also helps participants create weekly challenges to help parents begin to develop good habits and track their results.


**All content is looked over by financial advisors, professors and dietitians to ensure that all content presented is good quality.